Statement on COVID-19 Testing and Reopen Stamford

STAMFORD, Conn. — It has been brought to the Department of Health’s attention that some businesses and establishments may post be posting certificates indicating “all employees have been tested and that the establishment is clean.”

Please be advised that there are currently no tests available to determine if a business is safe or an establishment is “clean.” 

Individuals who test negative may subsequently have a positive test and there is no certification that should be interpreted as providing a risk-free environment.

The Stamford Department of Health does not endorse the use and or posting of any certificate or other document that certifies that a facility is “safe” or “clean” with respect to COVID-19.

Business owners must adhere to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Connecticut Department of Public Health, and the Stamford Department of Health guidances as well as the Governor’s Executive Orders to provide a safe environment for their employees and customers.