Stamford Files Lawsuits Against Former School Building Maintenance Contractors

Mayor David Martin and Superintendent Dr. Tamu Lucero announced today that the City of Stamford and the Board of Education are commencing litigation to recover damages for the failures of the Board’s previous facilities management firms to perform their contractual responsibilities. 

According to the City and the Board’s complaint, both firms — ABM Industry Groups, LLC and A.F.B. Construction Management of Trumbull, Inc. — were contractually responsible for assuring the safe, efficient, mechanical, and environmental operation of all buildings. The complaint asserts that these firms breached this obligation. The most significant effect of this breach is the widespread mold problem first detected in 2018, which led to the establishment of the Mold Task Force — now the Stamford Asset Management Group. To date, nearly $10 million in operating expenses and $40 million of bonded capital projects have been required to remedy the mold problem.

“From the onset, we promised to hold the responsible parties accountable and this lawsuit is the means we’ve chosen to achieve that result,” said Stamford’s Director of Administration and member of the Stamford Asset Management Group Michael Handler.

Attorneys from Pullman & Comley worked closely with the Corporation Counsel’s office to develop the lawsuit and will be representing the City and the Board in the case. 

The lawsuit seeks punitive as well as compensatory damages.