City Announces Start of West Main Street Traffic Improvement Project

Giving the intersection the Green Light

STAMFORD, CT – Mayor David Martin and Traffic and Transportation Bureau Chief Jim Travers today announced the start of a long-awaited improvement to the West Main Street and West Avenue intersection. 

“This has been a much-needed project for the West Side community for decades,” said Mayor Martin. “Drivers who encounter this intersection from any direction often find it confusing and frequently encounter delays.”

The redesign of this intersection will include new dedicated turn lanes, widening of the intersection, new traffic signals and grading resulting in improved traffic flow and reduced accidents.

“This was a very complicated project to launch for a variety of reasons including securing project funding, obtaining local and state approvals and receiving local property owners’ support,” said Michael Pollard, Chief of Staff.

The city and state was unable to fully fund the project. However, as part of the developer approval to build the West Side Home Depot, the remaining funds needed for the project were received as part of the traffic mitigation plan.

Bureau Chief Travers stated, “We are anxious to move this new project forward and fix one of the city’s busiest intersections. This project will also produce a safer intersection for pedestrians, which West Side residents, particularly the senior citizens living in the Stamford Green apartments, will find reassuring.”

In order to gain the approvals for the intersection reconstruction, the Mayor’s office working collaboratively with the Governor, Connecticut Department of Transportation, and the developer to create an intersection design and plan that was acceptable to the City’s Zoning Board.

Added Tom Maziarz, Chief of Planning, CTDOT, “The West Avenue/West Main Street project is a great example of the City and CTDOT cooperating to deliver a locally important project that improves traffic and pedestrian safety, as well as reducing traffic congestion. CTDOT’s special local roadway improvement program, Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program, (LOTCIP) provides 100% state funding that allows municipalities to design and build their own projects more efficiently and quickly than typical state and federal projects.”

Photo Credit: Bernie Weiss