Zoning and Blight Enforcement

Click here for information on how to report Zoning,Blight and Illegal Housing Issues

Submitting a Zoning, Illegal Housing or Anti-Blight Complaint. 

While Zoning, Illegal Housing and Anti-blight are related, they are different issues that are managed by distinct City Departments. Please have a look at the information below and select the complaint type that best describes the issue you are reporting. 

The Zoning Regulations govern the use of land, and the shape, size, height and setback of buildings. If you believe that a structure is in violation of these rules please submit a Zoning Complaint.

Illegal Housing: The Stamford City Code of Ordinances, Chapter 146 presents standards for minimum housing code requirements in rental dwelling units. These cover issues like rodent or insect infestations, illegally modifying a structure to be a multi-family dwelling, or similar situations. If you believe that this is the problem submit an Health and Housing Complaint.

Anti Blight generally refers to properties that is not being maintained such that it poses a safety or health risk. If you believe that a property is Blighted, submit an Anti-Blight Complaint

You can also send an email to ZoningAndBlightQuestions@Stamfordct.gov or call 203-977-5017.