EPB Fees

Permit Application Review Fees

Description CommentsFees
Base Application FeeEach applicant shall pay a Base Application Fee (BAF) at the time of submission. In addition to the base application fee, the following permit application fees listed below may apply$200.00


New Detached Single Family Dwellings


New Two-Family Dwellings Residential $400.00 + $200.00/unit* 
New Multi-Family Dwellings (Three or more units)Residential$400.00 + $200.00/unit* 
New Buildings Less Than 5,000 Square FeetCommercial $400.00
New Buildings Greater than 5000 Square Feet Commercial $400.00 plus $250.00/1,000 square feet or portion thereof
Subdivisions $225.00/lot

Other Fees Related to Permit Review

Description CommentsEPB Fees
State Land Use FeeEach applicant shall pay fee at the time of submission


EPB Site Plan Review $200.00
Permitted Operations and Uses $0.00
Public Hearing FeeAdditional fee applied to EPB permit applications when a public hearing is held. $1000.00/total fee
Permit applications that are the consequence of a violation or other enforcement action   

Two (2) times the required permit application fee


*Exception $500.00 per unit for two or more dwelling units if the application is the consequence of a violation

Fees Related to Active Permits 

DescriptionCommentsEPB Fees
Annual Compliance FeeThis fee may be waived, at the EPB's discretion, for permits that do not involve a significant degree of follow-up compliance/inspectionEqual to the required Permit Application Fee, but not to exceed $3,000 a year
Permit Extension Fee  $150.00
Permit Transfer Fee $150.00
Permit Modification Fee  Equal to the required Permit Application Fee

Other Fees 

Description CommentsEPB Fees
Issuance of inland wetland/watercourses regulations  $1.00
Issuance of inland wetland/watercourses maps $10.00
Conservation Easement Signage  $5.00 per unit


  • Fees may be amended by the Board to be set at a sum resonably necessary to cover costs. 
  • The Board may waive the requirement of fees for governmental departments or agencies.
  • The applicant is responsible for the publication costs of all required legal notices