Housing License Fees

Ordinance Number 1188 Supplemental

146-35. FEES

Apartment License

FEEPlusper Unit Cost
3 - 9$60.00plus$40.00
10 - 39$75.00plus$50.00
40 +$200.00plus$70.00
Rooming House License$180.00plus$65.00
Hotel License$350.00plus$85.00

For any hotel owned by any person, firm, corporation, joint venture or other legal entity that is exempt from income tax liability pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, the applicable licensing fees shall be as follows:

Hotel License

Assisted Living & Continuing Care Residence License$200.00plus$38.00


The per apartment unit license fee for apartments in buildings containing (40) or more dwelling units in which initial occupancy of all units is legally restricted to individuals or families earning sixty (60%) per cent or less of area median income (AMI) ("Legally Restricted Building") shall be twenty ($20.00) dollars per apartment unit.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, in any year in which an apartment in a Legally Restricted Building is being rented to an individual or family with an income in excess of 60% od AMI, the per apartment unit license fee for that apartment unit shall be Seventy Dollars($70.). Upon request, owners and operators of Legally Restricted Buildings shall be required to provide the Director of Health and Social Services with copies of tenant eligibility information, including, but not limited to mandated annual income certification or re-certification forms.$200.00plus$70.00
The fees for an application for a certificate of apartment occupancy provided in section 146-33 $75.00