Complaints - Public Health Issues

The Stamford Health Department, Environmental Health and Inspections Division addresses all citizen complaints pertaining to Public Health related issues.

Complaints received are investigated and noted as being justified or not justified.   When a complaint is found to be justified and there exists a violation of the Public Health Code or of the City Code of Ordinances, a violation notice is sent from the Director of Health to the individual responsible for the abatement of the violations.

Some examples of complaints are as follows:

  • I smell sewage in my backyard
  • My neighbor has a one family house with 15 garbage cans and 10 cars
  • My favorite restaurant has dirty rest rooms
  • My neighbor has rats that are moving onto my property
  • The landlord won’t fix the furnace and I’m cold
  • I found my child eating paint chips
  • My condo swimming pool water is always dirty

With Public Health Related Complaints, please call Customer Service Desk - 203-977-4140
Or Health Department Environmental Inspections Division Director Ron Miller – 203-977-4363