WPCA Laboratory

Personnel working in the Process Control Activity are responsible for operating all processes in accordance with technical directives issued from the Administration Activity by implementing process changes, operating all processing equipment, and performing other activities which enable the plant to operate efficiently and cost effectively while meeting a state and federal regulations. Examples of work to ensure process optimization and control follow:

  • Implemented the use of automated instruments to conduct sampling and continual process monitoring with the objective of enhancing WWTP  processes
    • Samplers:
      • Completed installation of 3 automatic samplers
      • Optimized collection configurations
      • Established operational and preventative maintenance programs
    • Monitors:
      • Investigated & identified newest and recommended purchase of  in situ technologies available to measure dissolved oxygen (DO) and nitrate (NO3) in wastewater process streams
      • Conducted “demo” trials and side-by-side comparisons with manual measurements
      • Prepared analysis accuracy and cost comparisons to support instrument purchases
      • Installed in situ instruments for routine use
      • Established calibration and preventative maintenance procedures