Quarantine and Isolation Housing

City of Stamford is offering quarantine/isolation housing for confirmed or suspected (pending test results) COVID-19 patients who, due to their living conditions, represent a risk to persons with whom they live. This is not a medical unit and cannot provide medical services or support those persons requiring any medical convalescent support. Persons requiring this type of support must be referred to another facility or the hospital. 


Maximum days for quarantine/isolation will be 14 days. Housing is available for Stamford residents only. Please upload a copy of photo identification if available to prove you are a resident of Stamford.  

If quarantine/isolation is approved:

  1. Residents must bring 14 days’ worth of their personal medication, clothing, and toiletries, with them to the isolation/quarantine site.
  2. Basic linens will be supplied (1 pillow, with a pillow case; 2 sheets, 1 blanket, 1 bath towel; 1 face towel; 1 washcloth per stay).
  3. Visitors will not be allowed into the isolation/quarantine site.
  4. No pets are allowed into the isolation/quarantine site.
  5. Residents will be required to stay in their rooms for the duration of isolation/quarantine. If a resident does not stay in their room, police will be called. 
  6. There will be no smoking, vaping, alcohol or drug use allowed at any time.
  7. There will be no loud music playing or disorderly conduct while residing in the isolation/quarantine site.
  8. WiFi will be available for all residents.
  9. Resident must adhere to the policies and rules of the isolation/quarantine site.
  10. If resident requires readmission into the hospital, resident will be discharged and must fully vacate the assigned room.

Remember to bring items that bring you comfort (books, IPads, laptops etc.) as they will not be able to receive items from anyone outside and will not be able to come out of their rooms. 

    If you are able to provide proof of a positive or pending test result and required assistance in achieving isolation, please apply using the link below.  

    Apply For Quarantine/Isolation Housing Here


    Quarantine/Isolation Housing for Residents