Milling in Springdale Area to Begin Tomorrow, November 1st

Milling will take place in the Springdale area starting tomorrow, 11/1. Work will pause over the weekend and continue next week. Because of ongoing drainage work, the roads will stay milled for about a month before paving will be completed.

The following roads and sections of roads will be milled:

  • Weed Hill Ave (from Upper Haig Ave to Bouton Street West)
  • Bouton Street West (from Weed Hill to Gaymoor Drive)
  • Bouton Circle
  • Gaymoor Drive (from Bouton Street W to Prudence Drive
  • Gaymoor Circle
  • Minivale Road (from Bouton Street W to Hope Street)
  • Salem Place (Whole Road)
  • Prudence Drive (Gaymore to Bouton Street West)
  • Bouton Street West (from Prudence drive to Hope Street)
  • Hope Street (from Bouton Street West south to bridge)