Parking Tickets

City of Stamford Parking Ticket Policies & Procedures

Penalties for Late Payments: (subsequent to 5/13/2019)

  • If the ticket is not paid within 15 calendar dates after ticket issuance, the said fine will double. Failure to pay within 30 days of ticket issuance will result in the said fine tripling. The penalty shall not exceed $250.

Pay a Parking Ticket Online (Click Here)

  • Our automated online ticket system accepts Visa, Amex, Discover and Master card and debit cards.    
  • If your citation number begins with SC and you do not see it in the on-line system when you go to pay, please contact 203-977-4979 or send an email to the [email protected] email with a scan/ picture of the citation so we can input into system.

Pay by Mail 

  • Insert into the orange envelope, a check or money order payable to the City of Stamford.
    • Mail to:

      City of Stamford
      PO Box 120059
      Stamford, CT 06912-0059

Pay in Person at Parking Violations by check, cash, money order or credit card (no American Express) or debit card.

You  must submit the following information with your payment
  • Ticket Number
  • License Plate
  • Name and Address
  • Email Address
  • Daytime Phone or Cell Number