Municipal Marina Rules

Application & Renewal Procedures
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Office of Operations

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Municipal Marina Rules - April 7 to Nov. 25, 2018


  • Completed marina application and copy of the boat registration are submitted to the Cashiering & Permitting Office.
  • To apply as a resident, all registered owners must submit proof of full time residency in the City of Stamford. (Boat should have a CT registration).
  • Payment is required within 5 days of slip offer.
  • Non-residents are offered summer dock space after all permit renewals and residents are offered space off all waiting lists.  Permits are not automatically renewed.  Fee is higher.

Renewal Procedure
A resident boat owner with a 2017 marina permit has the first option to renew his/her permit for the 2018 season. To reserve the slip, you need to submit marina renewal letter, payment and current copies of:        

  • CT Driver’s license 
  • Boat registration
  • Car registration    
  • Safe Boating Certificate
  • Electric / oil or gas bill        
  • Certificate of Liability insurance (Standard Accord form) $500.000.00 minimum P&I  insurance with Hull coverage at least equivalent to the value of boat.  City of Stamford, its employees, agents and officers listed as additional insureds. The certificate holder must be: City of Stamford, 888 Washington Blvd. Stamford, CT. 06901.

All of the above must be returned to the Cashiering & Permitting Office no later than  February 23, 2018.  Please remember all documents should have same name / address.

If boat is co-owned, documents from ALL registered owners are to be submitted. 

All City of Stamford taxes and parking violations need to be paid or the permit cannot be renewed. 

All renewals received after February 23rd will be accepted with payment of a $100.00 “late renewal fine” based upon availability. Any vessel registered with this office in the previous year, will be considered a renewal.

Upon payment, a decal per boat, and one marina parking permit –per registered boat owner– are issued. Vehicle registration under slip holder’s name is required.

Boat Installation
  • Marinas open April 7, 2018
  • The current CT boat registration is to be submitted to the dock master prior to placing the boat in the marina slip.
  • A maximum of two (2) keys per boat slip will be issued.
  • The marina decal must be placed on the starboard/right side of the stern, or facing the finger pier to which the boat is moored so as to be visible from the dock. The marina decal must be on the boat when placed in the marina.
  • All slips are to accommodate the registered  boat only.
  • If necessary, upon request, a 1-day launch permit will be issued to slip holders needing assistance to install/remove their boats.

  • Marina parking passes allow boaters to keep their cars in the parking lot after its regular closing time.
  • Vehicles parked at the Czescik marina parking lot MUST have a 2018 marina parking permit. Parking permits are not required at the parking lot across the street from the Czescik marina.
  • Cars parked at the Cove marina between May 1st and September 30th must have a 2018 marina parking permit.
  • Marina parking permits are valid ONLY at the marina where the vessel is kept.
General Information
  1. A marina refund of 50% will be issued ONLY for written requests received before June 1st. No refunds will be issued after this date.
  2. Opening and closing dates may be changed at the discretion of the Office of Operations. No refunds or pro-rating of fees will be issued if dates are changed. Notifications of marina closings will be posted at each facility prior to closing.  Vessel owners have no right of access to the marinas and/or their boats during times of declared emergency; failure to adhere to this policy may result in revocation of permit.
  3. Marina slips will NOT be rented to any person with delinquent taxes or outstanding parking violations with the City of Stamford.
  4. Dock/slips for boats less than 17’ require stern brackets equipped with flotation devices.
  5. To obtain a senior citizen discount, all registered boat owners must be Stamford residents and over sixty-two (62) years of age.
  6. Any boater who does not have his boat in the water by June 1st will not be guaranteed the same slip from the previous year,
  7. Dock master must be notified if the vessel is going to be absent from the marina for more than five consecutive days.
  8. All docking devices and other hardware are to be approved by the dock master before installation. Brackets will not be permitted at finger floats.
  9. Small boats using bracketed spaces must supply their own brackets with floats.
  10. Sanitary pump out facilities are available at Czescik marina. Pump out facilities are free to all boaters regardless of home port.
  11. Landing, beaching, mooring or securing a boat at any beach, or discharging persons onto said beach is not permitted at any time, including the channel at Cummings and Cove Island.
  12. The marina supervisor may authorize temporary accommodations for transient boats.
  13. Notification of the transferring of boat ownership must be made to the Cashiering & Permitting office within five days. Permits are NOT TRANSFERABLE. New owners must apply for their permit which will be issued based on availability.  Boats that are sold or persons moving from Stamford, must remove their boats within five days, any boat found to be remaining thereafter is subject to a $100.00 weekly fine and removal with a lien filed for costs.
  14. Joint ownership is permitted, however, all registered owners must be full time Stamford residents.
  15. The City of Stamford will issue marina parking permits to a dingy at the classified dingy rates for vessels 13’ or less, and with a motor of 10 horse power or less. All other boats have to reserve slips in the appropriate marina sized category.
  16. All maintenance and repair requests are to be phoned to 203-977-4140 @ Citizen Services.                    
  17. Marina fees include 6.35% CT. taxes.

The following regulations will be enforced by the Stamford Marina supervisor and/or his designee. Failure to comply with this rules or to pay fines specified will result in cancellation of permit:

  • Dinghies or other small service boats are to be placed on the owner’s vessel. Docks are to be left clear of all objects and debris.
  • The use of City metered water and electricity must be kept to a minimum.
  • Electricity is only for emergency repairs with the approval of the dock master or marina supervisor.
  • The speed of boats in the marinas shall not exceed 6 M.P.H. and with no wake.
  • Boats must be docked in such a manner as to prevent propellers from coming in contact with floats.
  • Owners are responsible for damage done by their boats to docks, floats, moorings and other boats.
  • Pets should be leashed when on docks and should not be left unattended when on vessels.
  • Pouring of gasoline is NOT PERMITTED on any boat or dock in the marina.
  • Landing floats are to be used only for loading gear or passenger, and such use must not exceed 15 minutes; this includes the West Beach launching ramp. 

All boat owners are responsible for maintaining, securing and bailing out their boats at ALL times. Owners are responsible for raising their vessels within 24 hours or when the vessel presents an imminent danger. The City reserves the right to take any and all corrective actions to ensure the safety of all docks and boats at the owner’s expense plus a $100.00 administrative fine. No liability will be assumed by the City should it be required to take this action.

Marina Closing
  1. Marina closing date of November 25, 2018 will be strictly enforced. All boats remaining in the marinas after this date will be fined $100.00 per week and will not be eligible for a renewal the following year. Delinquent vessels will not be allowed back into the program, even if ownership changes.
  2. All marina keys are to be returned to the dock master before the closing date of November 25. Slip holders will be charged $10.00 per key not returned in a timely manner, and $25.00 for any lost key. 
  3. Any boat not removed from the marinas within ten (10) days of this deadline, will be subject to a Uniform Commercial Code Lien filed against the vessel with the Secretary of State’s office in Hartford by the City of Stamford. Within forty-five (45) days after removal deadline, the boat will be considered abandoned. The City will then proceed to dispose of the vessel pursuant to State of Connecticut statutes.
  4. The ‘18/’19 winter storage program will run from Nov. 26, 2018 through approximately the first weekend of April 2019.

The process to appeal any penalties or fines is as follows:
  • A written document must be sent to the Cashiering & Permitting office within 30 days of penalty. Letter should request to be placed on the Parks & Recreation Commission agenda, and state the reason owner was unable to adhere to rules and why should be exempt from penalties. Attendance to the P. & R. Commission meeting to verbally present the appeal before its members.
Useful Phone Numbers
  • Cove Marina                 :   203-977-5138
  • Czescik marina             :   203-977-5008
  • Marina supervisor         :   203-977-5219
  • Marine police                :   203-977-5720
  • N. Haven Coast Guard :   203-468-4400
  • Cashiering & Permitting:   203-977-4692 & 203-977-4979

For the most recent CT boater’s guide, please go to:

2018 Municipal Marina Rules Brochure (PDF)