Beach Stickers


West Beach Parking Permit

Parking permits are required at Cove Island, Cummings, West Beach, Southfield, Czescik Marina, Dorothy Heroy & Newman Mills Riverbank Walk Parks from May 1st through September 30th, 2020.

This year due to COVID-19, residents can only purchase beach permits online or by mail. Beach permits will not be sold at the Government Center until it is reopened. 


Stamford resident w/car registered in Stamford (tax town 135)



Stamford resident w/vehicle NOT registered in Stamford*



Senior Stamford resident w/vehicle registered in Stamford (tax town 135)



Senior Stamford resident w/vehicle NOT registered in Stamford*



Seasonal pass for non-residents 


6Active-Duty Military Personnel, Veterans and Spouses (MUST be resident of Stamford)Free
7Gold Star family members (MUST be resident of Stamford)Free


*MUST show driver’s license + electric/gas/oil bill plus registration.





  • 6.35% State sales tax already included 

  • When Senior citizen discount is requested, a copy of driver’s license proving 62 years of age is required for at least ONE name that appears on the vehicle registration.

  • If vehicle is leased and your name DOES NOT appear on the registration, you need to present a copy of the lease agreement or the certificate of insurance.

  • Gold Star families, active-duty military personnel, veterans and military spouses must provide DD214 and/or evidence of active service to the Office of Cashiering and Permitting to establish eligibility for cost exemption. 

  • Stamford residents with OUT OF TOWN car registrations will be reported to the Tax Dept. and may be subject to a tax bill.


How To Purchase a Beach Permit

On-line (Best Option)

Due to the closing of the Government Center because of Covid-19, we are experiencing higher than usual online applications. Please allow at least two weeks for processing and delivery of stickers. Thank you. 

The City of Stamford is encouraging people to purchase their beach permit online. To obtain the best results, please click the below link and follow the necessary instructions for your permit type. Once approved, you will pay by credit card and a beach sticker will be mailed to you. Until you receive your permit, please print your purchase confirmation page and place on your car dashboard.


City Park permits can also be purchased by mail.  Send a photocopy of your current car registration, a self-addressed stamped envelope and any other required documentation*** along with a check payable to the City of Stamford, and the permit will be mailed back to you. 

You will need to sign up with either an email address or phone number. Please note, beach permits may have specific eligibility or use criteria and all applications require submitting documents for verification purposes.

Daily Passes

Daily beach passes will also be available to purchase at the beach entrance.

NOTE: As of July 25th, All City beaches are restricted on weekends and holidays to Stamford residents and individuals with an annual beach parking permit.

Car that is registered in Stamford with a DMV registration with town code 135 $26.50
Car not registered in Stamford -  weekday$42.50
  • Full season permits will not be sold at the beaches 
Cashiering & Permitting Div.

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