Camera Review Committee

The Public Safety Camera Review Committee (“CRC") is charged with upholding and enforcing Chapter 7 of the City of Stamford Code of Ordinances.  The Committee consists of the Mayor or his or her designee, the Director of Public Health & Safety or his or her designee, the President of the Board of Representatives or his or her designee, and two members of the public. The two members of the public shall be appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Board of Representatives. 

The Code of Ordinances states that a CCTV Camera or Feed location shall be approved by the CRC by following and applying the Policies and Procedures Manual as established and approved by the Board of Representatives.  A link to the Manual can be found using the link on the left.

The CRC meets occasionally as the requests for approvals, and reviews of policies, warrant.

Applications for approved camera sites can be made by the members of the public, elected City representatives, and City of Stamford employees.


Meeting Documentation - November 7, 2019

Meeting Agenda
Public Comment Notice
Traffic Camera Notice
Blue Light Pole(s) Application
Meeting Video
Meeting Minutes

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Kathy Ruther (203) 977-5089

Board Members

Name Title
Matthew Quinones President of Board of Reps, Committee Chair
Rodney Bass Mayor's Designee
Ted Jankowski Director of Public Safety
Ron K. Thomas Member (D)
Paul Waldron Member (R)