Plan Review Instructions for One and Two Family Dwellings


Note: All of the following require Connecticut architect and/ or engineer raised seal and signature:

  1. Special designs;
  2. Steel beams, flitch plates, trusses;
  3. Glue laminated beams, cathedral ceilings

For alteration, addition and construction of one and two-family dwellings and accessory structures only:

1. Submit two (2) complete sets of drawings drawn to ¼ inch scale. If located on septic land, bring an additional set of drawings with septic system location for submittal to the Health Department. There will be a fee – payable by check.

2. These plans must consist of a plot plan, showing the proposed location of the building or structure and the following:     

  • Floor plan
  • Elevation
  • Cross Section

They must also be of sufficient detail and clarity to show the nature and character of the work to be performed.

3. Zoning will verify location of structure and a separate zoning permit will be Issued. Zoning will also collect a fee – payable be check.

4. Prior to plan review, you must see a Plan Examiner when you receive your departmental approval sheet. He/She will indicate the departments from which you will need signatures before plans can be reviewed

5. Prior to the issuance of a building permit, an inspector may visit the site for a pre-permit inspection to ascertain whether the existing structure will be in conformity with the code upon completion of the project

6. Permit application, department approval sheet* (completed), a check for the amount of the building permit fee (made payable to the City of Stamford) and a Certificate of Insurance covering Worker’s Compensation must be completed and submitted with all plans, specifications and statements before a permit will be issue

7. The permit fee is based on estimated cost of construction at the rate of thirteen ($13.00) dollars per one thousand ($1,000) Dollars or any fraction thereof. Also, There is a Connecticut State Sur-charge Tax fee of $.26 per $1,000 of the estimated cost of construction. The Minimum fee for ANY permit shall be ($60.26)

8. When required, separate electrical, plumbing, heating, air-conditioning and ventilation permits must be obtained; the mechanical permit fees, in most cases, are covered by the building permits fee

9. The 2018 Connecticut State Building Code applies to projects with permit applications filed from October 1, 2018.  The 2016 Connecticut State Building Code applies to projects with permit applications filed from October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2018.

*Department approvals will vary depending on job description – see Plan Examiner                                           

FORM: Revised 04/08/15