Building Department

The Building Department provides information, consultation, plan review, permitting and on-site inspection services with a team of licensed code inspectors/officials and staff. The department’s focus is to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents by interpreting and enforcing applicable local ordinances, state building code, state demolition code and relevant state statutes. The Department works closely with the Fire Marshal’s Office to assure that life safety requirements are met and maintained. The Department also provides Plan Review and Technical Guidance for City Projects.

Specific functions are to:

  • Issue permits
  • Conduct inspections
  • Conduct Plan Review
  • Provide Document Research
  • Maintain records on structures and code conformance
  • Deal with related emergencies

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Bharat Gami Chief Building Official (203) 977-4161
Shawn Reed Coordinator of Inspections and Plan Review (203) 977-4162
John Murphy Building Construction Inspector (203) 977-4628
Thomas O'Brien Building Construction Inspector (203) 977 4181
Harry Pedlow Building Construction Inspector (203) 977-4170
Dean Rende Plumbing Inspector (203) 977-4175
Scott Caporizzo Plumbing Inspector (203) 977-5710
Michael Conklin Mechanical Inspector (203) 977-4992
Robert Allan Electrical Inspector (203) 977-4176
George Tzavaras Electrical Inspector (203) 977-4168
David Nelson Admin. Assistant/Data Analyst (203) 977-1194