Mill Rate Information


The City of Stamford is divided into four geographic taxing districts, based upon municipal services furnished to the property. In addition, the City has a separate Personal Property Taxing District encompassing the entire city, and a uniform mill rate which applies to all motor vehicles registered in the City of Stamford. 

As the City extends sanitary sewer lines into previously unsewered areas, municipal garbage collection is also extended, and the tax district classification is changed accordingly. 

The taxing districts of the City are authorized pursuant to State law, the City Charter and local ordinance. 

The mill rates are set by the Board of Finance each May and are based on the budgetary needs of the City. To learn more about the Board of Finance or to find out when you can attend public meetings visit:

The mill rates noted below are effective for the 2014-2015 fiscal year. The districts presently authorized are as follows:




Mill Rate

A (1) Basic services (schools, police, public works, etc.) plus sanitary sewers, City garbage collection, and paid fire protection. $24.79 per $1,000 of assessed value
B (2) Basic services plus paid fire protection (no sanitary sewer or City garbage collection). $24.24 per $1,000
C (3) Basic services plus volunteer fire protection (no sanitary sewer, garbage colection, or paid fire service). $23.31 per $1,000
C/S (4) Basic services plus volunteer fire protection, sanitary sewer, and City garbage collection. $23.79 per $1,000
Uniform Motor Vehicle District Mill rate applicable to all motor vehicles registered or garaged in the City of Stamford $27.25 per $1,000
Personal Property District Mill rate applicable to all personal property located in the City of Stamford. $24.79 per $1,000