Smith House Healthcare Center

Information related to the Smith House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is available on their official website at


Board of Directors Meeting Video

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Staff Contacts

Name Title
Robert M. Mislow Executive Director
Glenda McLean Executive Secretary
Blossom Palmer Director of Nursing
Marlys N. Youngberg Director of Admissions
Christine Hemenway Director of Social Services
Robert Robitaille Divisional Finance Manager


Board Members

Name Title
Chistopher M Tasik At-Large Member (R), Chairman
Anne Fountain Director of Health, Co-Vice Chair
Sharon Bradley, RN MSN At-Large Member (D), Co-Vice Chair
Ellen Bromley Social Services Commission Coordinator
Moira Colangelo At-Large Member (D), Secretary
Mary Fedeli
Salvatore Gabriele Board of Finance Representative
Michael E. Handler Director of Administration
Ted Jankowski Director of Public Safety
Dorothy Mueller At-Large Member (U)
Lewis G. Pace At-Large Member (R)
Vito Quivelli At-Large Member (R)
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