Snow Emergency Routes

A Snow Emergency Route is a predefined road with a red and white sign alerting residents not to park in the event of a snow emergency. In the event you need parking, the Bedford Street, Summer Street and Bell Street parking Garages will be available for parking free of charge in case of Snow Emergencies.

Call (203) 977-4140 for details. Residents living on a snow emergency route may also park on neighboring streets where parking is not prohibited.

Snow Emergency Route Streets in Stamford

  • Adams Avenue
  • Lockwood Avenue
  • Atlantic Street
  • Main Street
  • Bedford Street
  • Morgan Street
  • Belltown Road
  • Myrtle Avenue
  • Bridge Street
  • North St
    from Washington St. to Prospect St.
  • Broad St.
    from Washington Blvd to Main St.
  • Prospect Street
  • Camp Avenue
  • Seaside Avenue
  • Cove Road
  • Selleck Street
  • Fifth Street
  • Shippan Ave.
    from Elm St. to Magee Ave.
  • Forest Street
  • Southfield Avenue
  • George Street
  • Stillwater Ave.
    from W. Main St. to Broad St.
  • Glenbrook Road
  • Summer Street
  • Greenwich Avenue
  • Third Street
  • Hamilton Avenue
  • West Ave.
    from I-95 - to Stillwater Ave.
  • Hope Street
  • West Broad Street
  • Horton Street
  • West North Street
  • Hoyt Street