Property Revaluation

Property Revaluation

Pursuant to section §12-62 of the CGS, the City of Stamford is required to perform State-mandated revaluations of all taxable and exempt real estate property on a regularly scheduled basis to eliminate assessment inequities that may have developed since the implementation of a previous revaluation. The last revaluation that was performed for the City of Stamford was as of October 1, 2012.

There are approximately 38,000 parcels in the City’s jurisdiction.

During the course of a revaluation property transfers, market trends, income and expense statements are reviewed and analyzed; construction schedules and land tables are updated as well to determine fair and equitable values as of October 1.

For more detailed information on the revaluation process, please refer to the FAQ on the left side of this page.

If you have any further questions regarding the revaluation process, please contact us.

Staff Contacts:

Greg Stackpole – (203) 977 – 4018

Bill Jessa - (203) 977- 4022

Neeraj Rajbhandari – (203) 977- 4674

Staff Contacts

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Greg Stackpole CAMA Manager (203) 977-4018
Greg Stackpole