2016 Assessor's Notice




The Assessor of the City of Stamford, Conn, will receive Tax lists, properly perfected according to the following Rules and Regulations, at the office of the Assessor, 6th Floor, 888 Washington Blvd., P. O. Box 10152, Stamford, Conn. 06904-2152, during each business day of the month of October 2016 and not later than the first business day of the month of November 2016.






No Tax lists inventorying real estate or motor vehicles shall be required to be prepared and filed with Assessor of the City of Stamford, Connecticut.




The said Assessor shall make a record list of all motor vehicles liable to taxation, from records furnished by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, or from any other source, showing the trade name, date of model, registration number and assessed valuation thereon, said record list to be known as Form No. 1.




The said Assessor shall make a card record list, to be know as Form No. 2, of all real estate, showing location, size of lot or number of acres of land, and the assessed valuation thereof and the assessed valuation of any improvements thereon, as well as the assessed valuation of each building thereon, and such property shall not be subject to the 25 per centum penalty thereon.




Each person owning the following property:


 No. 9


Unregistered Motor Vehicles, including any vehicle garaged in Connecticut but registered in another state.

 No. 10


Industrial Machinery and Equipment.

 No. 11


Horses and Ponies, including Thoroughbreds.

 No. 12


Commercial Fishing Apparatus.

 No. 13


Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment eligible for exemption under CGS 12-81 (76)

 No. 16A


Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment for all businesses, professions and occupations.

 No. 16B


Other technologically advanced equipment not specifically defined as electronic data processing equipment.

 No. 17/18


Farm Machinery/Farming Tools.

 No. 19


Mechanic’s Tools.

 No. 20A


Electronic Data Processing Equipment.

 No. 20B


Other EDP hardware including but not limited to mini-frame and main-frame systems with an acquisition cost of more than $25,000.00.

 No. 22


Cables, conduits, pipes, poles, towers, underground mains, wires etc., of electric, gas, heating, water and power companies.

 No. 23


Monthly average quantity of expensed supplies.

 No. 24A


Leasehold Improvements.

 No. 24B


Rental Entertainment Medium

On the first day of October of each year, shall prepare, sign and swear to the prescribed card record list to be known as Form No. 4, and shall file such list with the said Assessor on or before the first business day of November 2016.  In the event that such list shall not be so perfected and timely filed with the said Assessor, he shall, from the best information he can obtain, make up such a list and add twenty-five per centum to the regular valuation of such property as a penalty.

The foregoing rules and regulations until otherwise altered shall be used in the preparation of the grand list of October 1st, 2016 and hereafter, of the City of Stamford, Connecticut.


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