Planning & Zoning

Who are we?
Planning and Zoning is a division of the City of Stamford’s Land Use Bureau. Planning and Zoning has three professional planners and administrative staff and provides technical support to the Zoning and Planning boards as well as Zoning Board of Appeals

What do we do?
Planning and Zoning has six main tasks:

  1. Staff reviews applications for Zoning Map and Text changes, Special Exceptions and Site Plan Review for approval by the Zoning Board
  2. Planning and Zoning processes applications for variances and Special Exceptions for approval by the Zoning Board of Appeals
  3. Together with the Planning Board, Planning and Zoning staff drafts the Master Plan keeps it updated and reviews subdivision applications. Staff also prepares the first draft of the City’s Capital Budget that is then reviewed and approved by the Planning Board, the Mayor, the Board of Finance and the Board of Representatives.
  4. Planning and Zoning plans, with input from communities and other stakeholders, for the future for the City of Stamford, to create and maintain places were people want to live, work, play and conduct business through plans for specific neighborhoods or areas such as parks.
  5. Staff updates the City’s Zoning Regulations [link to zoning page] to make sure development in Stamford meets the changing needs of its residents.
  6. Planning and Zoning provides data and planning information [link to Planning Information] to allow residents and other stakeholders informed participation in all aspects of planning for Stamford’s future

Who do we work with?
Planning and Zoning is at the crossroads of many decision making processes and therefore interacts with many City Boards and Agencies as well as State and regional stakeholders. Homeowners and developers contact us when they want to apply for a change to the Zoning Map or Zoning Text, or if the need Site Plan approval, a Special Exception, or variance.

Communities and the public at large are an important partner in planning for the Stamford’s future and we strive to work as closely as possible with you.

Contact Information:

For questions related to neighborhood plans, the Master Plan, the capital budget, subdivisions, and other issues relating to the Planning Board:





David W. Woods, PhD, AICP

Principal Planner

(203) 977-4718

If you have questions about Zoning Map or Zoning Text changes, Site Plan approval, Special Exception, or general Zoning related issues please contact:





Vineeta Mathur, AICP

Associate Planner

(203) 977-4716

Tracy Briscoe

Secretary to the Zoning Board

(203) 977-4719

Lesley Capp

Secretary to the Planning Board

(203) 977-4076