Watering Ban

Aquarion has declared a mandatory watering ban for the City of StamfordMandatory Outdoor Irrigation Ban and surrounding towns. Mayor Martin and the City of Stamford have taken steps to reduce the City's water usage and are asking residents to comply as well. 

Stamford residents are now allowed to use certain outdoor watering devices. These include:

  • drip irrigation Check current water level status here
  • soaker hoses 
  • hand watering

Please see the Press Release linked on the right, for full details.

Golf Course Water Restrictions - All golf courses are included within the mandatory water restrictions that are in effect. Golf courses will be allowed to water tees Learn how to reduce your indoor water usageand greens. However, watering of fairways is prohibited.

Guidance for Private Well Users - Information from the State of CT Dept of Public Health for private well users can be found by clicking HERE

For more information, please visit Aquarion's site here: http://www.aquarion.com/ct Private Well





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