Animal Adoption

Adoption Procedure

Once you have selected the pet you wish to adopt:

  •     Fill out our shelter’s application form.
  •     The Shelter Manager, Laurie Hollywood, will review your application for approval.

Following approval:

  •     You will be contacted by Laurie or another shelter staff member and will be asked to return to the shelter.
  •     At that time, you will pay your adoption fee and sign the necessary paperwork.

The cost of adopting a pet is:

  •     $ 5.00 if the pet is already spayed or neutered.
  •     $50.00 If the pet needs to be altered (this fee covers the surgery, rabies and distemper vaccinations if needed).

At the time you pay for your pet and sign the necessary paperwork, you will discuss and decide with shelter staff the best day to pick up your pet.

Picking up your pet:

  • Already spayed/neutered pets are picked up and taken home from the shelter. You should follow up with a wellness check by your regular veterinarian. It may be necessary to provide vaccinations for your pet if their history is unknown.
  • We make the hospital appointment and also deliver those pets that require spaying/neutering to the animal hospital for you. You will be pick up your pet from the animal hospital late afternoon on the day of surgery. The veterinarian will give you post-operative care instructions at that time.

Optional low cost care which you may select at the time of adoption:

We offer other low cost care items such as, testing for feline diseases, or, the “Revolution” treatment. This treatment eliminates fleas, internal parasites, worms and ear mites. Ask the Shelter Manager about these options which you may want to provide for your pet.


Animal Adoptions Forms

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